What is White Hat SEO?

The terms white hat and black hat are very common in SEO. These days, we have gray hats and even other shades in between. All these terms just refer to optimization techniques to ensure that your site ranks high in search engine results. This article focuses on one question: what is white hat SEO? We will also look at some examples of the technique and the advantages of using white, instead of black, gray or any other shade.

White hat SEO defined

This just refers to the correct way of doing things. Search engines now rank sites based on how relevant and “human’ their content is. A simple definition of white hat SEO would be the use of optimization strategies, tactics, and techniques that focus on human audiences rather than on search engines. White hat tactics follow Google’s guidelines for what the search engine defines as best practice with regards to SEO.

Examples of white hat techniques

Some examples of these tactics include keyword analysis, highly relevant and trustworthy content, and link baiting. Let’s look at some of these and more in detail:

a) Guest blogging – writing a blog post on another blog. This way you get backlinks to your blog or site.

b)Writing highly relevant, trustworthy content – this has been Google’s primary emphasis lately. The search engine wants content that the user will find highly relevant to what they are looking for. The content needs to be trustworthy by virtue of coming from authority. If for instance, you are an expert in finance, your content is likely to rank higher if you include your professional background in your bio. You also need to create good titles and meta tags. A descriptive title will go a long way in whetting your audience’s interest.

c)Keyword analysis – people use certain phrases to search for what they want to online. You need to know what keywords that you are likely to rank high for and include them in your content. Long tail, localized keywords, and LSI words are crucial as the last thing that you need to do is keyword stuffing (using a particular keyword too many times). Keyword stuffing is a black hat technique.

c)Link baiting – refers to adding links that work as incentives for your reader to take a particular action. They are usually used in calls to action (CTAs). The links could include anchor text like “read more,” “click here” or “download a free ebook.” This technique allows your readers to access resources, or more content about your service, product or the particular subject that they are interested in.

What are the benefits of using white hat techniques?

There are several benefits of using white hat SEO let’s look at a few briefly:

-White hats will be rewarded. Search engines want the best for their readers. It matters to them, as they need the users to get advertising revenue. If you use your white hats well, you get rewarded by being ranked higher in search results.

-Happy visitors – When you launched your site, you had a goal, either inform or get customers. White hat techniques will allow your visitors to interact with your site and get informed, or ultimately convert.

All in all

White hat SEO will help you achieve your goals while making the search engines happy. It is a win-win.

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