Update Your Marketing Plan With Full-On SEO

What is SEO in Marketing

SEO in full is search engine optimization. It is the process of getting traffic from free organic, natural and editorial search results on search engines. Google, Yahoo, Bing and all the main search engines have initial search results where content, including text, images and video and local listings, is shown. The content is usually ranked depending on what is considered by the search engine as the as most relevant to users. Sometimes, search engine optimization is simply a matter of making sure that your website is structured in a manner that will allow search engines to understand it very quickly. It is not all about building websites that search-friendly as some people usually assume. It is also about making sure that you have a website that is good for people.

Why Your Websites Needs SEO

What you may be asking yourself right now is if your site needs SEO. The simple answer to this question is yes. Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other leading search engines drive a majority of the web traffic. While social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and other types of traffic generators can help generate visits to your site, these major search engines are the primary methods of navigation on the internet. Regardless of whether you have a website that provides products, services, content, information or anything else, you need search engine optimization.

One of the best things about search engines is that they provide targeted traffic. People will be searching for what you are offering when you have a website that has been search engine optimized. According to the Oklahoma City Lead Generation website, if the search engines fail to find your site or include your content in their database, you will miss out on critical opportunities for driving targeted traffic to your website. Search queries that are used by people in the search box of the search engines when they are looking for something carry a lot of value. If you get targeted traffic to your website, it can provide revenue, publicity as well as exposure that you will not get from other channels of marketing.

Can I Do Search Engine Optimization Myself?

If you are interested in optimizing your website to increase visibility in organic search engine results, you may be wondering if it is something that you can just do by yourself. Well, the world of search engine optimization is quite complicated. But if you are sharp enough to understand the basics, it is something that you can easily do on your own. There is free SEO education on the web that you can take advantage of to make sure that you understand what SEO is all about before you give it a try. There are many things that will determine if you can become an expert to handle search engine optimization on your own, including your willingness to learn, time commitment and the complexity of the website you have.

When To Hire SEO Services

If you do not have enough time to learn about SEO and apply it on your website, it will be a good idea to hire SEO services. Even if you are paying for the services, they can lift your website above your competitors and make your business more successful. If you manage to find a reputable SEO experts that understands your business and what you intend to achieve, they can help you deliver your website to top rank search engines and make sure that it has a unique setting that will attract more internet users, find out more on the Oklahoma City Lead Generation Youtube Page or see the video below.

Can Search Engines Find Your Website Without SEO?

Even though search engines are smart, they still need help finding your site. Google, Bing, Yahoo and other major search engines are always working to advance their technology and be able to crawl websites more deeply and give users better results. But when it comes to how much these search engines can operate, there is a limit. With the right SEO, your website will be able to net a lot of visitors and get more attention. Without SEO, your website may end up being hidden and buried deep in the search results where it is not visible to search engines.

For your SEO campaign to succeed, make sure that you integrate content marketing. SEO and content marketing need each other. The content that you will post on your website is going nowhere unless there are people who will search and find it. If you are a small business owner and do not have a website, you need to make an effort to build one and optimize it. By doing so, you will be able to reach 73 percent of internet users that you are unable to reach on a daily basis right now.

What is White Hat SEO?

The terms white hat and black hat are very common in SEO. These days, we have gray hats and even other shades in between. All these terms just refer to optimization techniques to ensure that your site ranks high in search engine results. This article focuses on one question: what is white hat SEO? We will also look at some examples of the technique and the advantages of using white, instead of black, gray or any other shade.

White hat SEO defined

This just refers to the correct way of doing things. Search engines now rank sites based on how relevant and “human’ their content is. A simple definition of white hat SEO would be the use of optimization strategies, tactics, and techniques that focus on human audiences rather than on search engines. White hat tactics follow Google’s guidelines for what the search engine defines as best practice with regards to SEO.

Examples of white hat techniques

Some examples of these tactics include keyword analysis, highly relevant and trustworthy content, and link baiting. Let’s look at some of these and more in detail:

a) Guest blogging – writing a blog post on another blog. This way you get backlinks to your blog or site.

b)Writing highly relevant, trustworthy content – this has been Google’s primary emphasis lately. The search engine wants content that the user will find highly relevant to what they are looking for. The content needs to be trustworthy by virtue of coming from authority. If for instance, you are an expert in finance, your content is likely to rank higher if you include your professional background in your bio. You also need to create good titles and meta tags. A descriptive title will go a long way in whetting your audience’s interest.

c)Keyword analysis – people use certain phrases to search for what they want to online. You need to know what keywords that you are likely to rank high for and include them in your content. Long tail, localized keywords, and LSI words are crucial as the last thing that you need to do is keyword stuffing (using a particular keyword too many times). Keyword stuffing is a black hat technique.

c)Link baiting – refers to adding links that work as incentives for your reader to take a particular action. They are usually used in calls to action (CTAs). The links could include anchor text like “read more,” “click here” or “download a free ebook.” This technique allows your readers to access resources, or more content about your service, product or the particular subject that they are interested in.

What are the benefits of using white hat techniques?

There are several benefits of using white hat SEO let’s look at a few briefly:

-White hats will be rewarded. Search engines want the best for their readers. It matters to them, as they need the users to get advertising revenue. If you use your white hats well, you get rewarded by being ranked higher in search results.

-Happy visitors – When you launched your site, you had a goal, either inform or get customers. White hat techniques will allow your visitors to interact with your site and get informed, or ultimately convert.

All in all

White hat SEO will help you achieve your goals while making the search engines happy. It is a win-win.

2 SEO techniques for 2017 and beyond

SEO has increasingly become more human-centered rather than search engine centered. SEO tactics that have been used for too long have now become cliché. Everybody is using them, and you have to find creative ways to use the old techniques if you are to reach your goals. There is a need to stay abreast of new tactics that will meet your visitors’ needs while helping you rank higher in search engine results. This article explores 2 SEO techniques for 2017 and beyond.

1.Forum posting

What makes forum posting an effective SEO technique is the fact that you position yourself as an expert in your field. This way, potential customers are likely to take what you say seriously, and buy your products or use your services.

However, not all forums are worth posting on. Some research is needed. Let us look at some of the factors that you need to consider before settling on a particular forum.

a)Subject matter

Find forums that deal with a topic related to your niche, or the product or service that you offer.


You also need to consider the traffic on the forum. Go for high traffic forums. This way, more potential customers are likely to see your contributions on the forum and convert.

c)Terms and conditions

You need to know the forum’s terms and conditions. Do they allow you to include links, photos, videos or other media? Do they allow a signature line or bio? You may want to avoid forums that do not enable you to post links. These may not be good link building opportunities.

After settling on a particular forum, you need to familiarize yourself with the posts. This will help you to get a feel of the community, and the language that they use on the forum. There are always some rules of thumb about every online community, and they do determine your success in using the platform in your SEO strategy. The last thing that you need is to put people off with your posts.

2.Link building

You can create different types of content and distribute it on networks that support a particular content type. A good example is SlideShare. Create slides with links to your site and share them on SlideShare. You can also create videos and upload them to YouTube or Vimeo. You can then post links on your site.

Another way to build links is via creating free resources, for instance, eBooks on your site and sharing the links on social media platforms. You can also use this site https://www.paywithapost.de/ to get quality social media backlinks. This site allows visitors to “pay with a tweet.” If they want to download your free resource, they need to share it on a social media network via a post.

All in all

While the above SEO techniques are likely to help you reach your goals, there are many factors to be considered. You need to consider who your audience is, your niche, where they are likely to be found online, whether you will create the content yourself or higher someone else to do it, and even the value proposition that you put forward.